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We have been living with parrots for 26yrs & raising them for 15yrs. We are here to help after you take your baby home! We strive to provide sweet companion parrots. We raise a limited few to ensure we have the time to raise each with TLC.

We’re best known for our healthy, sweet, and socialized birds. We are focused on providing excellent pets with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our birds are raised in our home like family. They’re all extraordinarily friendly, sociable, and affectionate pets. Each baby is also DISEASE TESTED. Our mission is to enhance aviculture through education, nutrition, conservation, and a mutual love for birds. We wean the babies on pellets, Tropical Pellets, Totally Organic pellets, sprouted seeds, fruits & vegies & lean protein.

We specialize in African Grey Parrots, Macaws, Cockatoos, Conures, Parakeets, Eclectus, Amazons, Caiques, Finches, and many more birds for sale by selecting from ‘Birds For Sale’ in the menu at the top of any page. All babies are health guaranteed, closed banded, DNA Sexed, and well socialized. We take great pride in breeding and hand raising our babies. Breeding Parrots for 30 years. As always, buy with confidence. Will ship at buyer’s expense.


Bird Accessories & Products

Specializing in hand raised baby birds for sale, all bird supplies, including bird play stands, bird food, organic and natural bird food, bird toys, bird supplements, and birdcages. We have everything from cockatiels and conures to macaws and cockatoos.

Bird Breeder Store was voted Best Bird Store in the US. It is a 20,000 sq.ft. A dedicated exotic bird store carries a large selection of handfed parrots and an extensive inventory of all bird-related products. Our birds are tested and DNA’d.

Bird Breeder Store takes pride in offering a wealth of information on the proper care of birds.

We have the healthiest, well socialized. hand fed baby birds raised in a loving environment by our knowledgeable, well-trained staff. Let us help you select the best cage 6 accessories for your bird.

Our store has an excellent reputation of being the best in the business with the healthiest birds, the cleanest environment, and quality cages, toys, and commodities. Stop in today or contact us for more information!


We have a wide variety of birds for sale at our store. Stop in and meet our fine feathered friends! We have the healthiest, well-socialized. hand fed baby birds raised in a loving environment by our knowledgeable, well-trained staff. Let as help you select the best cage 6 accessories for your bird.


We sell food, toys,  and cages for all type of birds


A proper diet is essential for your bird’s health. While in the past people used to feed their birds all seed diets. we now know that such a diet is high in fat and does not provide the essential nutrients for your bird. At our exotic bird store, you’ll find high-quality pellets and mixes that are designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements for birds of all sizes. We even offer our own custom blends of parrot food that are a healthy mix of pellets, nuts, and fruits and vegetables.


If you need a parakeet cage, a large parrot cage, an aluminum cage, or just in search of cheap bird cages, you will always find the best vet-recommended and top-quality parrot cage selection every time! Long-lasting, durable and safe bird cages are the only types of cages you will find here.


One of the most important things you will need in your bird’s environment is a variety of toys! A good parrot toy will not only satisfy their instincts to chew. shred. and forage. but it will also help them to flex those intellectual muscles! You’ll find toys of all different materials and sizes, from small beads and bells for tiny parrotlets to big. sturdy wood blocks for massive macaws.


Besides foal and toys. you’ll also need other accessories for your bird. This includes everything else that you will need for your bird’s cage. such as perches. swings. and ladders. You’ll also find stands for your feathered friends to perch outside of their cage. Plus. we offer leashes travel cages. cleaning supplies. and much more.