Macaws for sale Australia

The macaw is the largest of all the parrot species. There are seventeen different macaw kinds, and they range in size from a mall one foot in length to a huge three feet long. The largest macaws have a wingspan as large as sixty inches across! They have large, hooked beaks and bright, colorful feathers. These beaks are designed to crack open nuts, seeds, and fruits, which make up the majority of their diets.

Macaws as Pets
Macaws make excellent pets. Their tendency to mate for life translates into a strong attachment to their main human companion. They can even show signs of great jealousy when their human ignores them and pays attention to other humans or pets. If you are seeking a pet that is going to be a companion for many years, consider a macaw. The average lifespan of these birds is an impressive fifty years.

Macaws for sale 

Macaw parrots are the most affectionate and loyal pets ever!
All Our macaw birds are raised in a loving home environment. Very playful and cuddly birds. All are socialized with other species.
All birds are sexed. They come with DNA tests, Birth Certificates and are well raised and socialized. We work with you before and after your purchase to insure the health and happiness of the bird.

Handfed/Well socialized

A proper diet is essential for your bird’s health. While in the past people used to feed their birds all seed diets. we now know that such a diet is high in fat and does not provide the essential nutrients for your bird. At our exotic bird store, you’ll find high-quality pellets and mixes that are designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements for birds of all sizes. We even offer our own custom blends of parrot food that are a healthy mix of pellets, nuts, and fruits and vegetables.


If you need a parakeet cage, a large parrot cage, an aluminum cage, or just in search of cheap bird cages, you will always find the best vet-recommended and top-quality parrot cage selection every time! Long-lasting, durable and safe bird cages are the only types of cages you will find here.


One of the most important things you will need in your bird’s environment is a variety of toys! A good parrot toy will not only satisfy their instincts to chew. shred. and forage. but it will also help them to flex those intellectual muscles! You’ll find toys of all different materials and sizes, from small beads and bells for tiny parrotlets to big. sturdy wood blocks for massive macaws.


Besides foal and toys. you’ll also need other accessories for your bird. This includes everything else that you will need for your bird’s cage. such as perches. swings. and ladders. You’ll also find stands for your feathered friends to perch outside of their cage. Plus. we offer leashes travel cages. cleaning supplies. and much more.