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E&M Exotic Birds
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 9 reviews
 by Ryan Eder

My family and I attended the grand opening just to check things out. This store is beyond impressive! The staff was very friendly, and you can tell that they are dedicated to educating anyone who's got an interest in learning about these animals. The facility is very nice and clean, with an excellent inventory of both birds and supplies. We are not in the market for a parrot, but we really enjoyed the experience. Highly recommend visiting this store!

 by Alyssa Delgado

I absolutely LOVE parrot stars! It’s definitely one of my happy places seriously all of the workers are amazing. You can see the passion they have in their eyes and you can see how well taken care of all the birds are in the store! Also, Alexis and Joyce will tell it like it is! They tell you the absolute truth about whichever breed you are looking at. They aren’t just looking to make a sale, they want their babies to find forever homes! It also helps that they have TONS of bird toys, treats, and food. I always end up spending over an hour looking around! One of the best bird places ever 💕

 by Kashawna Imlivinglife Anderson

I bought my double yellow head Amazon from them. She was not into being a pet but, with work, she has turned into a very comical, lovable, entertaining, bird that I love and I'm so glad I chose them as the place to purchase my bird.

double yellow head Amazon

 by Debbi Tarpey

To Joyce and Alexis as you know I was a CAG owner for 39 years and after losing him in December I never thought in a million years I would own a Yellow Shouldered Amazon! You both were so accommodating and ensured he was ready for his 8-hour journey home! We got home ok and after taking a bit to get used to his new cage he is eating and drinking and has torn up one toy already! Thank you for putting together everything we would need ( including a few extra surprises)! Still have not picked out a name but am working on it! Again thank you and can’t wait to come to the store on my next trip up to see all the great items you have! Again thank you! Once I pick a name I will let you know!

 by Marita Strozier Prittis

We bought our sweet baby cockatiel Chiona during the COVID pandemic. Everyone was so kind working with us online and over the phone to review the cage, toys, and food we picked out and made great suggestions to further supplement our choices. Curbside pickup was great, and they brought our sweet baby girl out to meet us in her cage since we couldn't go into the store to see her. We bring our girl to her forever home in a few weeks, and can't wait until the day arrives! ❤ Thank you so much for everything! ☺

 by Dina Parvaneh

I bought a Tropicana macaw from E&M Exotic Birds and I am so happy with my new baby!! She is vibrant, healthy, so well socialized, and more. Everything I had hoped for and more. Thank you E&M Exotic Birds for your honesty and great work!! I highly recommend E&M Exotic Birds what a great find thank you

 by David Adamowski

I bought a female Sun Conure (Red Factor) from E&M Exotic Birds. Her name is Mango. She is a wonderful bird, very friendly! I would highly recommend E&M Exotic Birds to anyone who is looking to get a pet bird. The staff is very friendly & knowledgeable.
Sun Conure

 by Kelly Murray

Such beautiful and healthy, hand-raised birds! The owner is a true and passionate bird lover and it shows in how he loves and cares for these beautiful birds. They are pricey but very much worth it! He carries birds that are very hard to find anywhere else!

 by Robert Allen

 E&M Exotic Birds has been great to work with in acquiring our 7-month-old Greenwing macaw. Outstanding communication, feels like your dealing with a good friend. They sent plenty of photos, while we waited for the weather to warm up for shipping.
My macaw was shipped from Western Australia to Queensland, to reduce the stress of traveling that far in a vehicle. the shipping crate was huge with a perch and plenty of bedding. lots of food and water. Arthur is his name, and he's really making himself at home.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend  E&M Exotic Birds if you want a really nice well-socialized bird.