Harlequin Macaw

Harlequin Macaws

The Harlequin Macaw is a hybrid that is produced by breeding a Greenwing Macaw and a Blue & Gold Macaw. The offspring will usually inherit the physical build and size of the male bird. Their coloring depends upon whether the male is a Greenwing or a Blue & Gold. Our male birds are Greenwings, and the females are Blue & Golds, which gives their offspring a larger build and head like the Greenwing and a red-orange chest.

Greenwings and Blue & Golds both possess excellent temperaments, and the Harlequins inherit the best of both species. They have the laid back, easy-going nature of the Greenwing combined with the playful, mischievous nature of the Blue & Gold. As with most Macaws, the Harlequins are highly intelligent, very affectionate, and eager to learn. Harlequins can also become good talkers.

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