Caiques for sale

Caiques, sometimes known as the clown of companion birds, are available for purchase. Caiques are popular among bird enthusiasts because of their extroverted personalities and propensity to make people laugh with their antics.

Caique has been described as playful, witty, acrobatic, comical, entertaining, interesting, and cheery, to name a few adjectives (pronounced kigh-EEK). They’re renowned as the Parrot World’s Clowns. They constantly look to be dressed for a party, thanks to their vibrant plumage. This medium-sized South American parrot’s bright green, yellow, orange, and white coloration makes it easily identifiable. Except for cockatoos, these are the only parrots with pristine white breasts! They’re fearless, confident, lively, and determined, all wrapped up in a feather bundle that weighs less than six ounces.

Caiques have a life expectancy of 25 to 40 years, with many living longer due to improved diets and lifestyles. Caiques are not for inexperienced bird owners, and you should have prior bird handling knowledge. Companion birds should be purchased with care and deliberation because they are lifelong companions.

Caiques are medium-sized parrots that are endemic to the Amazon Basin and are recognized for their vibrant plumage. They have a short tail and a solid-looking body. The White-bellied Caique and the Black-headed Caique are the two main kinds of caiques.

The yellow and orange head, green wings and tail, and white abdomen with pink legs distinguish the White-headed species. The Black-headed species is distinguished by its black head, orange cheeks, green streak under the eyes, vivid green-colored wings, and top tail feathers. Their lower body is beige in hue, with gray legs and a gray beak.


Caiques as Household Pets

They are popular as pets because they are quite easy to teach, aside from their stunning plumage and fun disposition. For example, a caique can simply be taught to lie upside down on your palm and pretend to be dead. These birds will leap about like they’re dancing if you encourage them with rhythmic clapping, which is why they’re known as the “dancing birds.” These parrots are known to form strong attachments to their humans.

Care for Caique

If you want to keep a caique as a pet, you’ll need a 2-foot cage. These medium-sized parrots are quite active, and daily exercise will need you to take them out of their cage for around an hour. Caiques, unlike other birds, prefer to walk rather than fly. They have strong legs and enjoy jumping and hopping. They’ll run around the home, trying out new things. You must ensure that they are always supervised on your side. These parrots have a bad reputation for chewing up things. As a result, you must give them with long-lasting toys.

In terms of nutrition, you should feed them fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans, as well as high-quality extruded pellets. Freshwater should be available at all times. Avocado pits, raw onions, potato chips, candy, alcohol, rhubarb, and other similar foods should be avoided. You can also give your pet a lukewarm water birdbath.


We only sell newborns that have been fully weaned. All of our young Caiques are weaned on a schedule that is tailored to their specific requirements. They are fed a nutritious, well-balanced diet that includes a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality seeds, and pellets.

We concentrate on education, nutrition, and environmental protection. We put forth a lot of effort to educate our consumers about parrot friendship. Before bringing a Caiques bird home, we will provide information about correct housing, building a safe environment, diet, temperament, hormones, and much more. There will be no unanswered questions.

Every hand-fed baby Caique for Sale is weaned onto a diet rich in diversity. They’re weaned on fruits and vegetables, a soak and sprout mix made in the store, high variety seed made in the store, and naturally colored pellets. Please give us a call if you have any questions about these newborn Caiques for Sale or any of the others that we have available! For additional images, videos, and information, click here.

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