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 Conures are intelligent and gregarious birds. They’re loving birds with charming personalities who enjoy spending time with their human owners.

Conures are tiny to medium-sized parrots that make wonderful pets. They are colorful, intelligent, and boisterous.

Conures enjoy being fussed over and cuddled. They are highly social birds who form strong ties with humans. Some pet conures, in fact, have a favorite human!

Conures are a sort of parrot that is brightly colored and amusing. Their attention-seeking behavior has earned them the moniker “clowns of the parrot world.” The term “conure” is primarily used in aviculture, whereas “parakeets” is used by the American Ornithologists’ Union. All live conure species can be found in Central and South America. Conures live for 20 to 30 years on average. They make wonderful pets since they are intelligent, social, and appealing.

It’s simple to find Conures for sale at Bird Breeder Store. Conures are an excellent choice for a person or family who appreciates active interaction and participation with their avian companion pets. Conures are beautiful and entertaining birds to own, even if some of them can be noisy as pets.

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If you’re looking for a conure that’s been hand-fed, tamed, and trained to respond to simple orders, have a look at our conure collections for sale. Conures are intelligent and gregarious birds. They’re clever and learn tricks quickly, despite not being great talkers.

Size: Adults range from 9 to 12 inches in length from head to tail, depending on the species. They, like most conures, require a strong voice and a playful demeanor.

Conures are ideal pets for city people or families looking for a small bird with a big personality!

Personality and behavior

Conures are the lifeblood of any gathering! They’re energetic, playful, and extroverted, and they enjoy cuddling. These cuddly babies are all about spending time with their parents and siblings. They’re known for wanting to be in the thick of things. Your Conure will be seen dancing back and forth, imitating your movements, or even getting inside your shirt!

Conures are also excellent family pets because of their patience with children. Conures tolerate being handled all over the body, unlike many larger birds who just like their tops and necks touched. They’ll quickly become valued members of the family with the right amount of socialization and training.

These clever cookies are capable of picking up tricks and uttering a few sentences. Their vocabularies, however, aren’t as extensive as those of other parrot species. With training and positive reinforcement, these intelligent birds can learn to intensify, welcome, wave, and much more.

Nutrition & Diet

A wide selection of meals is necessary for your Conures’ diet and nutrition for them to live a happy and healthy life. On Conures’ diet and nutrition, there are many different viewpoints and ideas. When it comes to feeding your companion parrot, there is no perfect formula. As much as possible, provide the best diet for your Conures.

As a starting point, pelleted food is the ideal option for your Conures. A pellet that has been organically prepared is preferred over one that contains additives such as artificial coloring and flavoring. Seeds are high in fat and are not recommended for your Conures Bird’s diet. Don’t offer your African Grey vitamin supplements without first consulting your avian veterinarian. On a pelleted diet, most Conures don’t require them.

Serve a variety of fresh, healthy, organic vegetables. It can be difficult to get a child to eat his or her vegetables, so you may have to spend some time convincing your African Grey Parrot to eat his or hers. Some veggies provide more nutrients that your bird needs than others.

A Conure is being housed.

This bird would need a cage that is 36″ length, 24″ wide, and 66″ tall, with 34″ wire spacing. It is preferable to provide the most critical feasible habitat.

Perches should be at least 9″ long, and 1/2″ in diameter, with varying perch diameters, recommended to exercise feet and avoid arthritis.

A metal grating over the droppings tray will keep the bird away from the droppings, and you can make cleaning easier by lining the tray with habitat paper or other appropriate substrates. Food and water containers should not be placed under perches to avoid infection.

We are experts in the fields of education, nutrition, and environmental protection. We put a lot of effort into educating our consumers about parrot friendship. We’ll give suitable housing, a secure environment, diet, behavior, hormones, and much more before bringing a Conure bird home. Without a doubt, it will go unanswered.

Every newborn Conure for sale that is hand-fed is weaned onto a high variety diet. They’re weaned on fruits and vegetables, as well as a soak and sprout mix made in the store, a variety of seeds made in the store, and naturally colored pellets. Please give us a call if you have any questions about these baby Conures for sale or others that we have available! For more images, videos, and information.

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