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All Military macaws are hand-fed and hand raised from the moment they hatch.


Military macaw for sale, although the Military Macaw isn’t quite as brilliant in its mixture of colors as those found on many of the other large Macaws, it’s a very impressive parrot in its own right. This is a favorite Macaw to keep as a pet because of its social and affectionate demeanor, and being very intelligent, it is readily trainable. The Military Macaw makes an excellent show bird and is often used as an entertainer to educate people about birds.

Military macaws live on average 50+ years.

The Military Macaw is very similar to the Buffon’s Macaw, but it is a bit smaller and a brighter green. P. J. Selby, in the early 19th century, referred to this bird as the “Great Green Macaw”. He describes the Military Macaw’s color as being a “fine and lively green”. Today, however, the name Great Green Macaw is more commonly associated with Buffon’s Macaw.

All three of these have only slight differences in appearance. They vary primarily in the regions from where they originate.

A Military Macaw that is given good interaction and attention from its keeper can become quite tame and friendly. Like all Macaws, the Military Macaw is quite inquisitive and intelligent. They are considered to be fair talkers and are excellent at learning tricks. They are a superb choice for a show bird. “Kippit,” shown in the picture above, is a five-month-old Military Macaw. He is a juvenile that has been well socialized with lots of people. He is alert and playful and always enjoys interacting and getting treats.

It is mostly green in color, with the head a slightly paler shade. It bears a red frontal patch with a white bare facial area barred with narrow black lines. The flight feathers are blue and the red tail bordered with blue. The large, strong beak is grey-black and the iris yellow.
While they are highly intelligent birds, they need enrichment and attention in captivity, or they can become distressed; feather plucking is a common symptom.
In captivity, it can eat sunflower seeds, bird pellets, a variety of fruits such as pears, orange, pomegranate, apple, and banana, and vegetables such as carrots, cooked sweet potato, celery, fresh kale, peas, and green beans.


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