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Red Fronted Macaws are affectionate, docile, inquisitive, and playful. These macaws have all the desirable traits you would want in a pet parrot. These aspects make the Red-fronted macaw an excellent family pet. Make sure you don’t neglect their need for social interaction and play. Whether it is cuddling or goofing around the house, you will need to leave some time for your pet as well.


One of the so-called “mini macaws,” the Red-fronted macaw, is a unique, affectionate, and endlessly fun parrot and truth be told, not at all that “mini.” They can be relatively calm and loving, being one of the cuddlier breeds of the macaw. On the other hand, these parrots are brilliant. They have an inquisitive personality with a reasonable desire for fun and wasting time. All these balanced traits combined make the Red Fronted macaws a desirable and loved pet parrot worldwide.

Red-fronted Macaws measure 21.5 – 25 inches (~ 55 – 63.5 cm) in length – including the tail, and have a wingspan of about 32 inches (81 cm).

They weigh between 15 – 19.4 oz (425 – 550 g).

The plumage is mostly green, except for the orange-red forehead and crown (hence this species’ common name), a red patch over the ears, red “shoulders,” medium-blue to teal-colored primaries (longest wing feathers), and reddish thighs. The olive-green tipped tail ranges from green to teal-blue, except for the tail’s underside, which is yellow.

There is a little bare patch of pale skin around the eyes. The large beak is greyish-black, the feet are grey, and the eyes orangey.

Males and females look alike.


Diet / Feeding

Their diet consists of seeds, nuts, fruits (such as the Jatropha Hieronymus), vegetables, and various vegetation – including grasses and cacti. They also obtain a lot of the water they need in their dry habitat. They also often chew on sticks or tree bark.

In some areas, they also feed on cultivated crops, such as groundnuts and unripe maize, resulting in them being hunted and killed by local farmers.


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