Scarlet Macaws for Sale

Scarlet Macaws for Sale


Gorgeous Scarlet Macaws for Sale. A Scarlet macaw’s temperament must be respected.

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Scarlet macaws are among the most colorful. They have large solid swatches of red, blue, and yellow feathers. This flashy, gutsy bird is full of energy and has a big personality. This large parrot quickly makes the list of most popular parrots every year.

The Scarlet from beak to tail measures 35 inches to 36 inches. They are red except for their wings, which are also yellow and blue towards the tips. Their beaks are black and white or sometimes just white. They have a white-skinned face with small red feathers in unique patterns for each bird. Though some do not have these small feathers, they do blush as people do on the whites of their face when extremely excited or stressed.

While these birds are appealing to enthusiasts everywhere, it should be noted that the Scarlets are not for everybody, and do best in homes with attentive, experienced owners not a first-time bird or large bird owners. They are extremely intelligent and can become aggressive and destructive if not properly trained and socialized. They need to be worked with daily to maintain the bond between bird and owner.

Scarlet Macaws live up to 85 years, and some are living even longer due to the fact of a better diet, and information on having one. A lot of thought and consideration should go into the purchasing of a Scarlet Macaw because these are lifetime companions that need regular daily interaction.

The Scarlet’s striking plumage may be what initially draws your attention, but its personality keeps you enthralled. Scarlet macaws are intelligent birds with an abundance of energy and character.

Scarlet macaws that have been hand-raised or hand-trained can be very affectionate. They make great companions with a sweet disposition.


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