Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaws

Scarlet Macaws are stunningly beautiful with their bright yellow bands on each wing, combined with the red coloring on their bodies and upper wings and the royal blue on their lower wings, make a striking contrast.

Scarlet Macaws are sometimes confused with Greenwing Macaws because they are both primarily red, but this is their only similarity. There are many differences in the appearance and temperament of these two Macaws. The Scarlet Macaw has a band of yellow feathers across the center of its wings, whereas the Greenwing Macaw has a green band of feathers across the center of its wings. The Scarlet Macaw has a bare facial patch, and the Greenwing Macaw has red feather lines on its face.

The Scarlet Macaw is usually very different in temperament than a Blue & Gold or Greenwing. The Scarlet has a reputation for being nippy and tends to be more high-strung and sensitive to fast movements than the other large Macaws. This doesn’t necessarily lessen Scarlet’s qualifications as a pet. However, it does suggest that a potential buyer should be experienced in parrot psychology and handling in order to manage a Scarlet best. Even as a youngster, if a Scarlet finds that he can control or scare you by nipping, this will very quickly turn into biting. It is essential to never react to a nip or pinch with aggression towards the bird, as it will scare a young Scarlet and eventually lead to an aggressive bird.

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