Terms and Conditions.

By purchasing a live exotic bird from E&M Exotic Birds, you agree to all of the following; 1.I understand that any new pet purchased from E&M Exotic Birds or anywhere else should be quarantined away from other pets already in your home for at least 7-14 days. 2. I understand the inherent health risks associated with the animal I purchased including that it may carry a viral, bacterial, fungal and/or parasitic disease contagious to humans. 3. I understand and agree that E&M Exotic Birds is not responsible for any illness, disease, injury, property damage or death of myself, other people or animals resulting from exposure to the pet (s) that I have purchased from E&M Exotic Birds 4. I release, waive and discharge E&M Exotic Birds, its associates, officers, directors, affiliates, managers and subsidiaries from any liability resulting from the purchase of the animal whether caused by negligence, defect, or otherwise. *If you do not agree to the terms and conditions above, do not purchase the pet.

Return Policy

All pets sold at E&M Exotic Birds are health guaranteed for 7 days from the date of purchase. (Shipped pets are guaranteed to arrive safe and alive to your home). To activate this warranty, the pet must be examine by a licensed veterinarian, at the purchaser’s expense) within 24 hours of purchase/delivery. E&M Exotic Birds, at its option, will replace the pet or refund UP TO THE AMOUNT PAID by the customer as long as the customer can provide: (1) Vet documentation within 24 hours of the pet’s purchased describing the nature of the illness, (2) sales receipt and (3) the animal purchased (or a picture of the deceased pet)